6.4 Final Presentation

Mr. Bunner-Sorg,

Below is the link to our live video presentation earlier today, it is slightly over the length of the formal presentation as our brief technical issues at the beginning and conversation at the end were not edited out.

In an effort to maintain the attention of any additional stakeholders who will be reviewing the video in the upcoming week, I did my best to use a variety of vocal intensity and rates of speech (Zandan, 2014). I also incorporated visual embellishments, either in the form of using my hands to count items/provide emphasis as well as inserting visual aids to further enhance the information being presented (Zandan, 2014). All of these techniques are valuable tools as the average adult attention span is five minutes (Zandan, 2014); however, live video such as our meeting today, is typically able to be three times longer and still hold viewer’s attention (Explanatorro, 2019).

I also chose to use a variation of the rule of thirds composition technique which recommends breaking an image up into thirds both vertically and horizontally and placing the subject at the intersection of two lines (Wayand, 2016). Due to the large visual changes each time visual aids where used – utilized to maintain attention (Mitchell, (n.d.), I maintained use of the top horizontal line for my eyes as my image shifted from the center of the screen to the side and back again (REI, 2019), similar to the transitions used to frame news anchors (Zettl, 2015).

You may have noticed that I was wearing professional, yet not quite traditional business attire. I chose to wear this steam-punk inspired look as it made me more comfortable in front of the camera (Texter, 2013) and being comfortable is an important part of making more authentic content (Crowell, 2011).

I look forward to hearing back from you on Thursday and starting the development process.


Richard Langsmith

Langsmith Training Solutions

**On a personal note, creating is video has probably been one of the most fun assignments so far. I hope the use of your voice to enhance the realism of the presentation is taken in a with good-humor and appreciation as it was intended. These additions did lengthen the total time, however the actual presentation of information is still within the assignment requirements.

Last week’s assignment felt like more of a culmination of all of the technical skills from start to finish (understanding the scenario, creating a training needs assessment, translating the training needs assessment into a path forward, outlining the problem/solution/reasoning in the project design brief, and creating the graphics/prototypes to show capabilities), while this week’s was practicing the delivery.

After this class I feel much more confident that I have the skills and knowledge to follow this process and be successful working in the corporate world.


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