Intention Statement

I have two great passions in my life art and medicine, as part of a Masters Degree Curriculum I was not expecting to begin my course work with a Blog website and a Mastery Journey Documentary. That being said I hope that this commentary can help or inspire others who wish to go down the same path. As continue moving forward I hope to meet and enrich others along the way.

Firstly I intend to work at a medical school where I hope to be engrossed in creating content and course-ware for medical students. I believe my past education and interests would be best put to use in a medical curriculum as I continue acquiring a variety of skills and knowledge. As with any profession, in the medical profession there are all kinds of learners; creating an engaging curriculum for such a variety of learning styles and successfully training them for trauma-based scenarios will be the challenge I seek for a career. Technical writing is not my strongest suite so I look forward to developing my writing skills appropriately for medical students.

I also look forward to additional knowledge in graphic design, audio, and video. I have spent much of my time on the creative side of graphics it will be great to get into the basics again and address the use of color, typography, images, composition, and sequence specific to a learning environment. The classrooms I remember are ones where the instructor had to be a professional speaker instead now I need to learn the skills of recording and utilizing voice overs. I am also interested in understanding, the connections between music, language and memory. As I am a tactile learner, understanding kinesthetic learning styles will be new territory to discover. Finally I have spent many years in directing and video content creation including special effects, it will be interesting to see the changes necessary to take products I intend for entertainment and how to recreate or change my pattern of thinking to make them applicable for learning environments.

I believe the most effective content is motivating content, something that really brings a student not just to understanding of new concepts but to actively enjoy the learning experience. Having a proper design approach is vital and as well as identifying and using a learning theory that each particular instructors I’m working with can get behind. Schools have changed so much in 50 years that I have a lot to learn about online learning communities, no more are the classrooms I grew up with of books and 3-ring binders full of paper, now every one seems to be a digitally savvy learner with tablets, laptops and recorders. This is going to be one of my largest challenges, to get inside the heads of Gen Z students 30 years outside my comfort zone. As I look around gaming seems to be involved in everything so it will be vitally important to learn how gaming theory and academic theory can come together to create a perfect teaching environment.

As I continue moving forward in this program I will collect numerous thoughts and records in this Blog hopefully some of it will be useful to future readers, some of it will be just my musings but ultimately my intent to work at a Medical school, will in my opinion, be occupying my perfect niche, and is solely my choice to make.